(Life And Bible study)

current labs

Sundays 9 am

Sunday LABs are groups that gather for a season to study ways the Bible applies to our daily life and to equip us to live Fully Devoted.

How do I join a LAB?

Simply walk in the main doors at Granger MC at 9am on Sunday
and one of our Connection Team members will be happy to guide you!
Rm 203
The Adorned Lab is for women only. We get our name from Titus 2:10. “So that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior “. We have been discussing portions of God’s word, reading books together written by Christian authors like Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Max Lucado and praying together.
Koinonia & Open Door
Koinonia Room
currently meeting together - The class is for those adult persons who like to dig into God’s Word and study from the viewpoint of HOW it Relates to our culture and life situations, with comparisons to situations of Bible Times. We encourage lots of questions and discussions with no right or wrong conclusions forced upon any one.
Dudes LAB
Rm 207
In this LAB we support and encourage men to live out a Jesus first life with intentionality. We do this by exploring what this looks like in various aspects of life: marriage, family, fatherhood, work, community, leadership, prayer, etc.
Gospel of the Eagle's Eye
Conference Room
Join the study of the Gospel of John in company with those desiring the high adventure of seeing Jesus "In the eye of the eagle". Led by Dr. Tom Murphy & Dr. Robert Morris, we will meet at 9:00am in the Conference Room in person and via Zoom.
Walking with Women
Our focus is on forming and deepening connections with other women as we seek to grow in our faith. This is for those who want to connect with other women as we strive to live a Jesus-first life.
KidsMin LABs
Stop by Check-in
Current LABs for nursery through 5th grade.
Rm 204
This class is open to any student from 6th - 12th grade. See you there and don’t forget your Bible!