Holy Week at Granger MC

April 6th

6 PM - Seder Meal
7PM - Footwashing Service

Maundy Thursday (“Holy Thursday”) was likely named from the Latin, mandatum, meaning “commandment,” referencing John 13:34 when Jesus gave his disciples a “new” commandment to love each other. Jesus demonstrated an example of this by washing his disciples’ feet prior to his final meal with them during which he gave the institution of communion, a picture of Christ’s ultimate demonstration of love for us.

Because of this, Maundy Thursday is celebrated with the washing of feet and communion.

Join us for a Seder (Passover) Meal at 6PM and a Footwashing Service at 7PM as we celebrate Christ's love for us.

April 7th

7 PM

Join us for a quiet and meaningful service as we remember Christ's sacrifice and death on the cross on our behalf.

This service will engage our senses as we reflect on the depth of the meaning of the cross. We will enter in silence and leave in prayer, echoing many of the thoughts and emotions of the original disciples on that day.

April 9th

9AM - Light Breakfast
10 AM - Worship Service

He is risen!

Join us for a celebration of new life - first and foremost in the resurrection of Jesus from the grave and then in its meaning and effects for our life today.

Share a light breakfast with us at 9 AM then celebrate the risen Christ at our worship service at 10 AM. 

Do you know someone who needs to experience the hope of new life? Bring them with you Easter Sunday to be our special guest!

He is risen, indeed!

Celebrate new life in Christ with lilies