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Following Jesus is not about becoming religious or simply following the rules. It's not about faith on Sunday and real life on Monday. It goes much deeper than that. It's about real faith for real life. The gospel radically reorients our lives and takes us in a new direction, one in which Jesus has the first place - in our marriages, our jobs, our finances, our futures. Following Jesus is about taking that next in the journey. We exist to walk together to take the next step in a Jesus-first life.

Granger Missionary Church exists to glorify God through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and multiplication.

We Worship.

It's all about Jesus. Jesus is the center of all we do and gospel-centered worship means reorienting our hearts and minds back to Jesus through singing, preaching, baptism, and communion. 

We Belong.

We were made for community. In community we find belonging. In community we help each other walk a Jesus-first life, and together serve on mission. Find the place where you belong.  

We Serve.

We serve with grace as an overflow of the grace given to us. We serve each other and the world with humility and generosity. 

We Multiply.

The end result of discipleship is multiplication. As we follow Jesus, we equip, empower, and send others to do the same both locally and around the world.