Kingdom Come pt.1: The King and His Kingdom

The King's Authority

Date: 03.18.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This quote is well known perhaps because its truth is

unfortunately well-known. Fallen mankind, when given power, tend to use the power for their own good and gain. Then comes Jesus – the one true King with the only true power. He comes not to benefit himself and maintain his own authority, but to benefit others and bring them life. This is the purpose of Matthew’s stories in today’s passage. In it we see the authority of the King is used for life.

Behold the King

Date: 03.11.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

Jesus as King command our allegiance wven when he comes in humility.

Kingdom Importance

Date: 03.04.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

What is the Kingdom of God? Jesus talked about it from the beginning to the end of his ministry. Upon reading through Scripture, we may see there are aspects of the Kingdom of God that make it confusing and puzzling, but it is the Kingdom that Jesus calls us to seek. As we begin a new series exploring the Kingdom of God we find that the Kingdom of God is not only important to study – it’s important for life.