Encounter: A Life of Worship for a God of Wonder

Life of Worship

Date: 02.25.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

What is the one thing without which your life is incomplete? Is it your job, your family, your spouse? For Paul, the answer is Jesus. Of course, we would say this is the right answer, but what does this look like in my daily life? Paul’s words to the Philippians gives

us some truths which we can apply to the daily aspects of our life which show that the life of worship is satisfied with Christ.

Place of Worship

Date: 02.18.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

“Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did.” Would you go? In our story we meet a woman who had a lot to hide and who had an encounter with Jesus that left her forever changed. True worship is an encounter with Jesus that leaves us changed. If we are willing, Jesus wants to meet us in our deepest places of hurt and sin in order to transform us through spirit and truth. In this, Jesus transforms the place of our worship by transforming us.

Meaningful Worship

Date: 02.11.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

What is the difference between empty religious rituals and vibrant worship? This is the quesiton Solomon helps to answer in Ecclesiastes 5:1–7. Solomon oversaw the building of the Temple – perhaps the greatest display of worship for his day, yet he still laments in seeing some worship in a meaningless way. Solomon shows us it is possible to go through the motions of worship and completely miss the God of worship. In the end, Solomon shows us that mindless and 'me–centered' worship is meaningless, but thoughtful and God–centered worship is meaningful.

Worship Through Weeping

Date: 02.04.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

Is the Christian life even worth it? Following Jesus does not guarantee a life comfort free of discouragement and pain. It's in these moments of pain that our eyes tend to drift downward, and we focus on our own hurt and other's success. If we are not careful, we can easily begin to doubt God's goodness, distorting the truth of the gospel and leading us toward despair. However, Psalm 73 shows us that a proper view of God enables us to worship even through weeping. Worship corrects our distorted view, lifting our eyes back to God and his promises of goodness beyond the pain. So yes, the Christian life IS worth it.

The Heart of Worship

Date: 01.28.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

Worship is a heart issue, and the issue of your heart is worship. Worship neither begins nor ends with a song – it’s a matter of the heart. Our affections, our will, and our actions all inform and reveal what we find most important – our worship. In Deuteronomy, God through Moses explains what true worship is – complete devotion to God in every area of life. In order for this to happen, though, we find that true worship requires our total surrender.

Worship for Life

Date: 01.21.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

Taxes and worship? Rarely are those two words found together, but in Exodus 30:11-16 God commands the people of Israel through Moses to pay the census tax which amounted to a half shekel for anyone over the age of twenty. While this may seem strange at first and political at worst, a closer examination shows that the tax offered little to God yet created a place of encounter for the people of Israel – reminding them, through this act of worship that, we worship God as the Author and Redeemer of all life.

The Person of Worship

Date: 01.14.2018

Speaker: Jason Dickinson

The question is not IF you will worship, the question is WHO and HOW you will worship. Scripture show us that we were made for worship and worship will continue forever. This means that worship is fundamental to who we are and what we are called to do. But have we thought much about worship beyond the Sunday morning? Exploring Psalm 150 shows us that worship begins and ends with God, or God alone is worth our worship.